The Library is open from 8:00am – 4:00pm, 3.30pm on Friday

Borrowing Books

Students may borrow two books for three weeks at a time. If you wish to have them for longer the librarian will renew them for you.
New/recommended books are displayed prominently around the library.

Reading Material

Non-fiction books (ask the librarian if you need help to find some information)
Fiction Books (shelved alphabetically by Author)

Book Lists

Reading For Wellbeing May 2020

Year 7 Reading List April 2021

Year 8 Reading List January 2020

Year 9 Reading List March 2020

Year 10 and 11 Reading List November 2021

Year 11 Read Before College March 2020

SLS 2021-2022 Recommended Reads Year 7

SLS 2021-2022 Recommended Reads Year 8

SLS 2021-2022 Recommended Reads Year 9

SLS 2021-2022 Recommended Reads KS4

Library Newsletters

Newsletter September 2021


The library has 24 networked PC’s which are connected to a laser printer.

Other Resources

The library also has chess boards and various games for you to do.
There are DVD’s, Audio Books and Playaways for you to borrow

You are very welcome to come in and use the library during breaktimes and after school, there are lots of new books for you to enjoy, come and have a look!