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Being able to communicate effectively is a vital part of your journey through Thornden.  This page gives you some of the key links and information that you require to ensure you are able to support your learning.

IT Acceptable Use Policy

Before you log-into any IT device you need to be aware of and follow the acceptable use policy for the school.  If you have any questions or concerns following this about how to use the network then do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff.  The IT support team or a member of teaching staff will be able to help you.

IT Acceptable Use policy

School Email

At the beginning of Year 7 you are issued with a school email account.  Use this email at all times when you are communicating with teachers or the school.  Your ICT teacher will explain some of the other functions that you can use in Office 365.

Thornden Cloud

Thornden Cloud is a way for you to connect them to the school network from home. It gives you access to your school files and the student share when you are at home. Your files and shared resources are always stored on the school network, they are NOT stored on the Thornden Cloud. You simply have to go through Thornden Cloud to access the school network when you are at home. You do NOT need to use the cloud in school! Please read the instructions below about using Thornden Cloud.

Thornden Cloud

IT Support

The IT Support office is located next to the library. If you are having any computer problems please do not hesitate to come and ask for help. They are a very friendly team and they are here to help you!  Our IT support team is:

Mr Nolan - Trust Network Manager

Mr Li - Assistant Network Manager

Mr Hoggarth - Apprentice IT Technician