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Ms Caroline Lowing Head of School

Thornden is a school where staff, students and parents feel valued.  We have a warm community spirit that enables individuals to develop their own talents and abilities, whilst taking the opportunity to try something new and different, without the fear of failure.

We have superb teachers and support staff, who take pride in their work and their achievements.  They have passion for their subject and an enthusiasm in ensuring that all children in their care reach their full potential.

Mr Patrick Earnshaw Executive Headteacher

We teach students how to learn; to face challenges and problems and to find solutions, building resilience, confidence and work individually and together.

High expectations reach far beyond academic performance.  Students engage in clubs, activities, trips and charity events, developing resilience while they enjoy and learn to work with people around them.  This engagement is fulfilling in itself but also develops strength and confidence when responding to academic and individual challenges.

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