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Academic Performance

Our student's performance in 2022 was excellent. Not only do students at Thornden take full advantage of the range of extracurricular activities on offer, from superb sports clubs and teams to amazing Drama, Dance and Musical performances and clubs, they also achieve wonderful academic outcomes.


One of the main measures used nationally is the progress 8 score. This is an indication of average student progress from Year 6 to Year 11, measured across 8 subjects including English and Maths. You can see our 2022 Progress 8 score information here:



In 2022 the average points score per student in their best 8 subjects which must include English, Maths, Science at least one language and either History or Geography was 65.2 which equates to an average grade of 6.5 at GCSE, you can see how this compares to local and national averages here:



Students also have the opportunity to take a full EBacc suite of GCSE subjects and indeed a significant proportion of our students take these subjects at GCSE, here you can see our EBacc entries compared to local and national averages:


Student performance in English and Maths was also excellent.

In Maths 96% of students achieved at least a grade 4, with 83% of students gaining a grade 5 or above, where grade 4 is a pass and grade 5 is a good pass at GCSE.

In English, 96% of students also achieved at least a grade 4 with 90% of students gaining at least one grade 5 or above at GCSE.

A national measure is the percentage of students who achieve at least a grade 5 in both English and Maths. Here you can see the school performance against local and national performance in this measure:


Grade 7 and above

Here are the percentage of students who achieved a grade 7 or above at GCSE in 2022.


Subject Total entries

% of entries at a 7+ grade

Art 80 43%
Biology (Triple students) 124 81%
BTEC Enterprise 25 40%
Chemistry (Triple students) 123 79%
Combined Science  186 30%
Computer Science 56 52%
Dance 24 71%
Design and Technology  69 41%
Drama 65 32%
English Language 310 44%
English Literature 309 40%
Food Preparation and Nutrition  54 56%
French  113 38%
Geography 232 63%
German 48 35%
History 63 57%
Mathematics  309 44%
Media Studies 28 54%
Music  22 73%
Music Technology 12 50%
Physical Education  46 41%
Physics (Triple students) 123 80%
Religious Studies 93 78%
Spanish  97 54%