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Student Voice

Student Voice is important at Thornden so that students to can develop ideas, articulate discussions and advocate change within the school. This takes many forms and we feel that it is an essential practice that empowers the student body. Student Voice promotes the idea of staff and students working together and learning from one another.  A member of the Senior Leadership Team leads the School Council and is able to provide direct feedback to SLT as a result.

At Thornden, this involves a Student Council, made up of representatives throughout the school, who meet and discuss school-related matters and make suggestions for improvement.

Principal roles:

  • Raise issues and concerns or respond to items raised by the leader of the School Council.
  • Vote on any issues.
  • Provide a range of ideas/solutions to issues that concern students.
  • To put forward proposals or make decisions that can be put into action.

Students are elected and then expected to attend meetings and represent the school well at all times.