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Educational Visits

We encourage educational visits and activities as an integral part of the life of Thornden. They help to contribute to the ethos and vision of the school in developing students experience of the curriculum and beyond. Educational visits should run on the basis that they contribute to, complement the curriculum or offer something that is uniquely available through this type of activity.

Educational Visits can provide stimulus and support to work being covered as part of the school curriculum. It maybe that a visit provides an effective stimulus at the start of a unit of work. Alternatively, an educational visit can used to extend the engagement of students with the wider world. Wherever or whatever the venue, our teachers should ensure that the educational benefits to the children are maximised.

Planned Educational Visits across 2019-20

Year 7

Trip month Department
Theatre December English
Jewish Museum London March RS
Foxbury June Science
Wimbledon Tennis July PE
Activities Day July Pastoral

Year 8

trip month department
Hindu Temple April RS
Gudwara  July  RS
Wimbledon  July  PE

Year 9

trip month department
Youth SACRE Conference November Pastoral
Winchester Churches December RS
Wimbledon July PE
Activities Day July Pastoral

Year 10

Kew Gardens September  Art
Shakespeare Festival  October Drama
Nuffield Theatre October Drama
National Museum Of Computers October ICT
Mosque Visits November RS
D of E Day Walk March D of E
D of E Assessed Weekend May  D of E
Wimbledon Trip July PE
Thorpe Park June Business & Economics
Activities Day July Pastoral

Year 11

trip month department
Shakespeare Festival October  Drama
Nuffield Theatre October  Drama
Maths Event October  Maths
Science Live January Science
RS Conference February RS