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Head of Business - Miss L Reid

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Upper School


Exam Board: Edexcel

Outline of Subject

Successful businesses are essential to the functioning of any country’s economy.  Starting small, we look from the perspective of an entrepreneur spotting a business opportunity and putting their idea into practice.  Moving on, we look at how a business can develop into a huge multinational dealing with customers, employees, suppliers, rivals and governments in a global market place.

Course Content

Year term 1 term 2 term 3
10 Enterprise and entrepreneur- ship, spotting a business opportunity. Putting a business idea into practice Making the business effective. Understanding external influences on business Growing the business. Making marketing decisions
11 Making financial decisions. Making operational decisions Making human resources decisions. REVISION REVISION EXAMS

Skill development

Business employs a range of skills.  Students are encouraged to be observant, noticing what is going on in the world around them and what is reported in the media.  Discussions in class then help them to make sense of what they have seen.  A standard business response is, “It depends,” so students learn to articulate both sides of an argument and form their own conclusion.  Students learn to listen, think, speak, agree, disagree and then write in a clear, concise manner.


The exam consists of 2 papers, each 90 minutes long.  Paper 1: Investigating a small business.  Paper 2: Building a business.  The papers are identical in structure containing multiple choice responses, short answer questions, data response questions and finally a lengthy evaluative question.  The paper is written to allow students of all abilities to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.

Additional Information

This subject is particularly suitable for people who are interested in local, national and global events.   As we move through the syllabus, every concept is related to a trip or to a current issue / event.  This makes the lessons interesting and prepares students for the stimulus material that will appear on their final exam papers.