School Nurse / Health Information


Due to the safety risks involved, pupils are generally discouraged from bringing medication into school. However it is recognised that in some cases it is essential and in many other cases it is considered entirely appropriate by both the parent/guardian and school staff for medication to be administered in school.

Therefore, in order to promote best practice for pupils requiring medication in school, the school kindly requests that Form A; titled “Parental-School Agreement for the administration of medicines in school” is completed and given to the School Nurse or Associate Head before any medication is brought into school; this includes medication carried by pupils for self-administration, emergency medication, regular routine medication, pain killers and short courses of antibiotics. If your child currently has medication in school please complete a form which can be downloaded from the website or obtained from Reception or the School Nurse.


Please adhere to the following guidelines with any medication that is brought into school:

  • The medication needs to be provided in the original packaging, clearly labelled with the child’s name and in the case of prescribed medication will have the doctor’s directions clearly visible on the pharmacy dispensing label.

  • The expiry date should be noted and a replacement supplied in good time.

  • In the case of self administration, the child should only carry enough medication to cover one school day at a time. The child should be advised to store the medication safely and informed of the risks of sharing medications.  

  • In the case of medication to be used in an emergency, an Emergency Health Care Plan or Action Plan/Card, supplied by the treating Doctor needs to accompany the Form. Please contact the School Nurse for assistance if you do not have a current Health/Action Plan for your child.

  • The school strongly recommends that a ‘back up’ supply of medication be provided for emergency use; this will be kept in the Medical room.  

If you have any questions please contact Wendy Prince – School Nurse. 02380 246577 



Asthma Management


As part of accepted good practice and with guidance from the Department for Education and Asthma UK, the school is kindly asking all parents and carers of children with asthma, (even mild asthma) to help the school by completing, in consultation with the treating Doctor or Asthma Nurse, a brief School Asthma Card for their child/children. If available a copy of a current Asthma Management Plan from the treating Doctor can be provided instead.

The card is designed by Asthma UK and when completed will store helpful details about the child’s current medicines, triggers, individual symptoms and management. The local Doctor’s surgeries have been advised of this new initiative and their support requested in helping to complete the Card. The card will enable the school staff to better understand and manage each child’s individual condition and can be downloaded from the school website or obtained from the School Nurse.


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