All uniform styles must be as those supplied by our official suppliers. Other styles of skirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts are not acceptable.

  • Black Thornden sweatshirt with school logo.
  • White Thornden polo shirt with school logo; light blue in Year 11.
  • Black trousers; not jeans or tight fitting.
  • Tailored black shorts, available from Skoolkit only, worn to the knee.
  • Grey tartan skirt, available from Skoolkit only, worn at the knee and not rolled up or reduced in length after purchasing.
  • Flesh-coloured or black tights.
  • White or black ankle socks; no obvious patterns.
  • No visible garments worn under polo shirts.
  • Black and leather shoes with no motif; not trainer type shoes or boots.  (If a certain type of shoe has to be worn, a note from the student’s doctor is required).
  • Dark coloured outdoor coat of an appropriate style; no denim jackets, leather jackets, clothing with prominent pictures or slogans or hoodies (except dance hoodies which can be worn in lessons).
  • A black ‘outdoor’ fleece, available from our suppliers, is an option.
  • Only one plain smooth ring on one finger.
  • Only one pair of small plain stud earrings in the lobes of the ear (one in each ear)
  • No other visible piercings*; students in breach of this will be told to remove them or wear clear retainers that they have purchased themselves.
  • No obvious make-up; students in breach of this will be asked to remove it.
  • Finger-length nails (for health and safety reasons) that are of a clear colour; students in breach of this will be told to cut or remove false nails within 24 hours.
  • Hair styles must be appropriate for school and must not reflect any extremes of fashion including non-natural hair colours, hair tattoos or tram lines.

If a real emergency compels a temporary variation from uniform, a note from a parent or carer is always necessary and without a note the variation will be treated as a breach of school rules.
*We are aware that sometimes girls have nose piercings done for religious/cultural reasons. In such situations we would be happy to discuss this and each case will be taken uniquely. Each family is different and may have unique reasons for a particular request.

Uniform Uniform


Physical Education Uniform

Essential kit

  • Red polo shirt with school logo
  • Plain black shorts
  • Black rugby/hockey/football socks
  • Trainers

Kit we strongly advise you use for health and safety reasons:

  • Shin pads – these will be used for football and hockey. They are essential for students taking part in extracurricular activities or chosen to represent the school in these sports.
  • Mouth guards – this will be used for hockey and rugby. This will be essential for students taking part in extracurricular activities or chosen to represent the school in these sports.
  • Football boots - these will be used for football, rugby and cross-country. They are essential for students taking part in extracurricular activities or chosen to represent the school in these sports.

All students will be taking part in these sports from Year 7 to at least Year 9. Please endeavour to purchase these for your child as safety is the main priority in all PE lessons.

Optional items (you may wish to purchase these as many PE lessons will still be outside and throughout the year):

  • Black leggings with school logo (if worn as an alternative to shorts).
  • Reversible red & black rugby/hockey/football shirts.
  • Black with red trim tracksuit trousers and red sweatshirts for outside wear.

Health and safety:

  • All jewellery must be removed for PE lessons; this includes watches, bracelets, rings, earrings etc.
  • Hair must be tied back for PE lessons; please bring hair bands.
  • Football boots – as mentioned above, we strongly advise these are purchased to ensure that students have adequate grip in wet weather and muddy conditions. This also ensures their trainers do not get ruined.
  • Towels – shower facilities are available and can be used when appropriate. PE teachers will mention when they might be needed for particular lessons.   If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the PE department who will be happy to help.


Acceptable Shoes Guidance

This guidance is intended to help parents/carers choose the most appropriate shoes for students.  It is not possible to provide an exhaustive list of all the shoes that are acceptable or unacceptable but by comparing your shoes to the list below you will get a better understanding of what we accept.    If you remain in any doubt, please do contact the school before making your purchase as we understand the difficulties caused by purchasing the wrong item.
Shoes must be: Plain black leather with no motifs.  Canvas shoes, boots and trainers are not acceptable.

Uniform - Shoes

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