Young Health Champions Trip To LifeLab


Our current group of Young Health Champions recently made their first trip to LifeLab at Southampton General Hospital. Here they began their training as health ambassadors through the Royal Society for Public Health ‘Young Health Champions’ scheme.

The accredited award the students will receive is being generously funded by Friends of Thornden School (FOTS), and will give the students the opportunity to produce a health campaign for their community on a diverse range of subjects, which in addition to gaining a recognised qualification will also give them the skills and confidence to be influencers amongst their peers in promoting healthier choices.

While at LifeLab, the YHCs spent time learning about how early intervention of unhealthy lifestyles can decrease the risk of non-communicable diseases, which are contributing factors to the top 3 causes of death in the UK, as well as using the equipment in the lab to analyse their own health, meeting clinical scientists, and participating in CPR training.

Having the opportunity to discover for themselves what impact their choices now can have on them in the future and allowing them the space to make those decisions for themselves, will undoubtedly mean our students are empowered to make better choices.