​Extra Curricular Clubs and Activities

There are lots of after school activities available for students to join. Most are listed here, however staff frequently advertise new clubs on posters around the school and via the daily bulletin.

Extra-Curriculum Clubs Autumn 2019

Duke Of Edinburgh

Mr T Baldwin

In Year 10 pupils are given the opportunity to apply for a place to

participate and complete the Bronze D of E award. The reward requires

pupils to participate in and commit to 4 areas:

  • Volunteering

  • Physical

  • Skills

  • Expedition


Pupils must do a minimum of 3 months activity for each of the volunteering, physical and skills sections with an additional 3 months for one of the sections. They will also undertake planning and training for a 2 day (1 night) expedition. The expedition is undertaken in the summer of Year 10 and preparation takes place in the build up to it. Pupils should aim to complete the whole award by the summer holidays. Once completed, the pupils can progress on to the Silver and Gold awards until they reach 25 years of age.


We expect to run the D of E ‘club’ after school, 3 or 4 times a month during term time. Groups meet at 3pm up to 4.30pm. Staff leading the course will support and encourage pupils to find appropriate volunteering, physical and skill experiences.


The expedition will be 2 days walking in the New Forest with 1 night of camping. In preparation for the expedition assessment, pupils will take part in a 1 day walk followed by a training/practice weekend with an overnight camp (i.e. a total of 5 days at weekend, all in the New Forest).


Further information about DofE can be found here www.dofe.org


Miss H Smith


Acting Academy and Dance Academy take place on various evenings throughout the week.

Rehearsals take place as called for any current productions. These are usually on a Wednesday evening.


See Miss Smith for more info....


Mr R Jones


Timetables for Instrumental and Vocal lessons.


In addition to the curricular music lessons that all pupils take part in at key stage 3, we offer a wide range of instrumental and vocal lessons that pupils can attend. These lessons usually take place in small groups during the school day and are organised on a weekly rota system.


We are currently able to offer lessons on all orchestral instruments plus vocal, piano, keyboard, guitar and drum kit/percussion lessons. There is a strong demand for lessons, particularly  guitar and drum kit. We do our best to fulfil requests, but it is often not possible to fit in everyone who would like lessons. We do operate a waiting list system. We can also recommend Community Music lessons, lessons in piano and keyboard are offered here at Thornden on Wednesdays from 5.00 - 7.00. Please enquire by contacting Emma Laird at e.laird@thornden.hants.sch.uk


These timetables are written up and posted on the noticeboard in the Music Block at the start of every term.  If there are any queries about lessons (e.g. you were expecting lessons but cannot find your name on the timetables) please speak to Mr R Jones (Head of Music) or Mrs M Gale (who oversees the peripatetic lessons)  in the Music Department.


Email: r.jones@thornden.hants.sch.uk and m.gale@thornden.hants.sch.uk


Year 7 pupils - almost all lessons are in the Music Block which is next to the Sports Hall, opposite Technology. The lessons are on a rotating timetable, so you need to check carefully each week as the times will change. You will often need to come out of your normal lesson to attend your instrumental or vocal lesson: please ask your teacher politely for permission to leave, and they should allow you to do so. Everyone who had music lessons at their previous primary school and wishes to continue will be guaranteed lessons, and if pupils have requested lessons as beginners we will do our best to fit them in. Again, if you have any queries, please speak to Mr R Jones or Mrs M Gale.


In addition the Music department offer Extra-Curricular Activities.




The PE Department offer lots of after school sport activities. You can try as many different clubs as you can.




Community Badminton Club

Thornden Community Badminton Club provides coaching and fun playing opportunities to children aged 10 and older.


Thornden Tennis Club

Junior Club Night: Friday evenings from 17:30 to 19:00 - term times only.


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