(Taught in a carousel with Ethics & Beliefs)

SLT Lead - Dr J Evans

Upper School

Exam Board: Not applicable as non-examined

Outline of Study Skills

Specialist staff and qualified outside speakers deliver these lessons to all students on a rotation basis. Topics, not normally covered by the curriculum, are mainly introduced through discussion in an unbiased way. The overall aim of these lessons is to deliver information that encourages a responsible informed attitude towards sexual activity, health and citizenship. The ideal outcome is for students to make their own decisions and the correct life choices without pressure or influence.

Course Content 

Skill Development

Students are encouraged to develop skills such as debating, informed decision making and discussion work.  We aim for students to become well-rounded individuals who can make appropriate decisions as they move through and on from Thornden.


PSHE is a non-examined course; however, students’ knowledge and understanding will be regularly assessed through classroom dialogue.

Additional Information

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from any Sex and Relationship Education lessons that fall outside of the Statutory National Curriculum.  Any concerns can be discussed with Dr Judith Evans.

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