Study Skills

SENCO- Mrs L Peaston

Lower School

Outline of Subject


Study Skills and Nurture Group courses are offered to a small number of students who have been identified through existing assessment processes. We very deliberately keep numbers low in these classes to support some students to close the gap with their peers. This option replaces a foreign language. The focus of Study Skills is to improve core skills in reading, writing, spelling and speaking and to support the development of good learning behaviours. Nurture Group is to address, broadly, life skills.

Skill Development


Study Skills Lessons – Pathways to Success! These lessons are delivered in small groups and at a pace appropriate to the work. We want to help students develop confidence and resilience. We aim that they:

  • Experience a wide range of reading and writing opportunities

  • Develop their accuracy in spelling and grammar

  • Improve their planning and structuring of written responses

  • Widen their understanding of a range of vocabulary for writing and speaking

  • Are able to compare different texts and explain preferences

  • Improve their ability to identify and explain writers’ key methods and ideas

  • Develop their confidence in speaking individually and in groups

  • Work on their interpersonal and social skills

Assessment Stryles


When students begin lessons, we will establish their entry levels. From this point, they will follow the Study Skills Pathways.  There are nine paths all together and each one is divided up into small steps for them to reach over time. The Study Skills Portfolio will contain work produced that shows their progression.  Study Skills classes are led by LSAs in year 7, and either teachers or the Learning Support Coordinator in years 8 and 9.

Additional Information


Nurture group is very small and lead by the Learning Support Coordinator. Various aspects of skills for living are addressed such as telling the time, shopping, using money, health, hygiene etc. Learning is linked to curriculum content.  The lessons are tailored to support the needs of the students in the group and social interaction skills are also reinforced in the deliberately small, friendly setting.

Upper School

Study Skills and English & Mathematics Support

Outline of Study Skills

This course is intended to help support those students who may find a full range of examination subjects too demanding. The course provides students with a programme which concentrates on developing their reading, spelling, study skills and thinking skills. Throughout the course, students will also be given guidance and support with their studies across the curriculum and extra careers advice.

Outline if English and Mathematics Support

This course is intended to support students who may struggle to achieve English and Mathematics at 4 grade or above, in addition to the other subjects offered.  By reducing one option and providing an additional one hour and fifteen minutes of mathematics and one hour and fifteen minutes of English a week, this should improve student understanding and confidence in these subjects.


They will be run by subject specialist teachers and used to compliment and reinforce the teaching of English and mathematics that is taught as a compulsory subject.

Course Content 

Additional Information

Study Skills: This option subject will be recommended to only a few students and parents will be contacted where necessary. This is normally only offered to students who have been in the Study Skills groups in years 7-9.


English and Mathematics Support:  This option will be recommended to a number of students and parents will be contacted as necessary.

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