Materials Technology

Head of Department - Mrs K Coles

Upper School

Exam Board: AQA

Outline of Subject

This is a new accredited qualification that is based on producing high quality practical work.  You will work in a hands-on way to develop the core skills to make high quality products using woods, metals and polymers.  You will have the opportunity to use traditional skills and also modern technologies. This technical award in materials technology will help you develop the knowledge, skills and experience and could potentially open the door to a career in related industries.

Course Content

Skill Development

The course will develop a wide range of practical making skills including using hand tools for cutting or shaping, casting or moulding and using joining and finishing techniques in a range of materials. You will also develop an understanding of commercial processes and an in-depth knowledge of materials and their properties.  You will also gain a whole host of technical transferable skills. They include: Communication and Teamwork. It has a specific focus on creativity.


The course has three Units, 2 internally assessed and 1 externally assessed examination.

Unit 1: Skills demonstration (internally assessed- 30% of the course)

Unit 2: Extended making project (internally assessed – 30% of the course)

Unit 3: Fundamentals of Materials Technology (externally assessed – 40% of the course)

Additional Information

The majority of the subject content will be delivered to you through the practical projects. The knowledge and understanding of the subject content will be assessed in all three units.  This Level 1/2 Award is a non-EBacc subject and is ideally suited to learners with a preference for practical, in addition to, theoretical learning. This is a vocational qualification and fulfils entry requirements for academic and vocational study post-16, and will count as equivalent to one GCSE. Level 2 = A* -C of the old GCSE.

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