The Team:

Miss Wilson - Network Manager

Mrs Cole - IT Technician

Mr Nolan - IT Technician


The IT Support office is located next to the library. If you are having any computer problems please do not hesitate to come and ask for help. We are a very friendly team and we are here to help you!


Access to IT Suites
Students can use the computers in the library at breaktime and lunch, also before and after school. They may also use the printer.

Students can work in other IT Suites if a teacher is present or if they have been given permission.


Students should not be playing games during school hours.


Please treat the IT equipment with respect. We make every effort to ensure all computers are maintained and work well. Please do not disconnect the mice or keyboards. If you have a faulty computer please report it to us in the IT Support Office and we will fix it.


IT Device Advice

Our school runs on a Microsoft Windows network and uses Microsoft Windows devices. We use Microsoft O365 and Microsoft Office. Thornden Cloud works better on a Microsoft Device. Therefore we would recommend students use  Microsoft Windows at home.


Acceptable Use policy

Students are required to adhere to the school computer use guidelines as set out in the acceptable use policy. See Below.


Thornden Cloud
Students can use Thornden Cloud to connect them to the school network from home. This gives students access to their school files and the student share. Your files and shared resources are always stored on the school network, they are NOT stored on the Cloud and your homework is NOT on the cloud. You simply have to go through the Cloud to access the school network when you are at home. You do NOT need to use the cloud in school! Please read the instructions below about using Thornden Cloud.

Acceptable Use Policy (PDF)

Thornden Cloud Information

Please click on the video below for more information on using The Cloud.

IT Support



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