Governing Body

School Governors

Chair of Governors: Mr Derek Boden
Email: chairofgovernors@thornden.hants.sch.uk

C/O Thornden School, Winchester Road, Chandler's Ford, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO53 5AN

Vice Chair of Governors: Mrs Elizabeth Challand
Email: vicechairofgovernors@thornden.hants.sch.uk

Mr Aiman Alzetani
Mrs Jacqui Beckingham
Mrs Tracey Bevan
Mrs Julie Crouch
Mr David Francis
Mrs Amanda Hunter
Mr Andrew Parr
Mrs Louise Peaston
Mrs Julie Pinnock
Dr Veronica Radford
Mr Tim Ricketts
Mrs Philippa Roberts
Mr Phil Sampson
Miss Su Whelan
Mr Graham Yates

Remit of the Members and Governing Body

Extract from Articles of Association


The Academy Trust’s object (“the Object”) is specifically restricted to the following:

  1. To advance for the public benefit education in the United Kingdom, in particular but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing by establishing, maintaining, carrying on, managing and developing a school offering a broad and balanced curriculum (“the Academy”); and
  2. To promote for the benefit of individuals living in [Chandlers Ford] and the surrounding area who have need by reason of their age, infirmity or disability, financial hardship or social and economic circumstances or for the public at large the provision of facilities for recreation or other leisure time activities in the interests of social welfare and with the object of improving the condition of life of the said individuals.

The Governing Body works at establishing the strategic direction, ensuring accountability and overseeing the financial performance of Thornden School.


Name Appointment Stepping down Pecuniary/business interests
Mr Derek Boden 14 Mar 2011   See table below
Mrs Sue Allen 14 Mar 2011 31 August 2019 See table below
Miss Su Whelan 14 Mar 2011   See table below
Mr Tim Ricketts 14 Mar 2011   See table below
Dr Veronica Radford 1 Sept 2016   See table below


Governing Body

  Appointment Term of Office (years) Stepping down appointed by personal relationships pecuniary/business interests with links to other establishments
Mrs Susan Allen 20 Jun 2017 4 31 Aug 2019 Governors None None
Mr Alman Alzetani 21 Jan 2017 4   Parent None

Director of Hampshire Health & Education Enterprises Ltd

User of School Pacilites - Scout Group Leader

Mrs. Jacqueline Beckingham 24 october 2018 4   Staff None Employee of the school
Mrs Tracey Bevan 24 Jun 2019 4   Staff Member of staff C Bevan, husband Employee of the school
Mr Richard Derek Boden 1 Sept 2016 4   Governor Member of staff K Rood, daughter Company Secretary South Hants Roofing Ltd
Mr Steven Bowyer 8 Nov 2016 4 4 Sept 2019 Parent None Chair of Governors Scantabout Primary School, Employee Hampshire Collegiate
Mrs Elizabeth Challand 26 Nov 2018 4   Parent None None
Mrs Julie Crouch 19 Oct 2017 4   Parent None Owner Julie Crouch Website Design
Mr David Francis 1 Sept 2017 4   Governors None

Teacher Peter Symonds College

Wife member of staff St Swithuns School, Winchester

Mrs Amanda Hunter 19 Oct 2017 4   Parent None


Mr Andrew Parr 25 Jan 2018 4   Parent None

 Director Realm Consulting Solutions Limited

Mrs Louise Peaston 14 Oct 2017 4   Staff None

Employee of the school

Mrs Julie Pinnock 19 Oct 2017 4   Parent None


Dr Veronica Radford 1 Sept 2016 4   Governors None

Director JC Radford Site Engineering & Land Surveys Ltd

Mr Timothy Ricketts 29 Nov 2017 4   Governors None

Director - Alibi Productions (Dead) Ltd, Alibi Films International Limited, Alibi Productions (Sir Gadabout) Limited, Alibi Productions (Safe House) Limited, Alibi Productions (Sir Gads 2) Limited, Beast Quest Limited, Beast Quest Acquisitions Limited, Clangers Series 1 (2013) Limited, Coolabi Productions Clangers III Limited, Coolabi Productions Clangers II Limited, Coolabi Productions Clangers I Limited, Coolabi Productions PC II Limited, Coolabi Group Limited, Coolabi Publishing Limited, Coolabi Productions Scream Street I Limited, Coolabi Productions Limited, Coolabi Licensing Limited, Coolabi Limited, Indie Kids Limited, Licinsing by Design Limited, Poppy Cat Series II Limited, PRNA Limited, Purple Enterprises Limited,, Scream Street Series I Limited, The Green house Literary Agency Limited, Thornden School Services Limited, Thornden School, Working Partners Holdings Ltd, Working Partners Limited, WP Acquisitions Limited

Mrs Philippa Roberts 14 Oct 2017 4   Staff None

Employee of the school

Mr Philip Sampson 23 Mar 2016 4   Governors  None

Director Age Concern Southampton, Director PNS Finance Limited

Miss Suzanne Whelan 1 Sept 2016 -   Governors Non

Headteacher of the school, Board member Prospect Trust

Mr Graham Yates 7 Feb 2019 4   Parent None

Deputy Headteacher, St Swithuns School, Winchester




  Structure Remit Chair
Curriculum & Achievement Governors plus Headteacher To oversee the school's strategic progress regarding the key areas of importance: Student Achievement, Quality of Teaching, Behaviour and Safety of Students, Leadership and Management. Dr Veronica Radford
Audit & Finance Members of the Governing Body plus Headteacher and Business Manager
  • to assist the decision making of the Governing Body, by enabling more detailed consideration to be given to the best means of fulfilling the GB's responsibility to ensure sound management of the school's finances and resources, including proper planning, mo itoring and probity.
  • To make recommendations  to the GB whilst ensuring that major issues are referred to them to ratificaitons.
  • The Audit aspect will maintain an oversight of the Academy's governance, risk management, internal control and value for money processes.
Mr Tim Ricketts
Staffing 4 Governors and Headteacher To oversee the policy and practices concerned with staffing issues for all staff at the school. Mr Derek Boden
Admissions Chair of Governors plus 2 Governors To oversee the current policies and procedures concerned with admission to the school Mr Derek Boden
Complaints Vice Chair plus 3 Governors To follow the process detailed in the Complaints Procedure Policy when a formal complaint letter is received. Mrs Elizabeth Challand
 Pay 3 Governors responsible for the Headteacher's performance review.  No member of staff can be included. To administer the pay policy as it is applied to individual cases and the Senior Leadership Team.  To oversee the process and ensure that the awarding of all performance related pay and all recruitment and retention awards are evidence based and appropriate by means of a report from the Headteacher Mr Derek Boden
Pay Appeal Not convened in at least 9 years   Dr Veronica Radford
Pupil Discipline Chair of Governors plus 4 Governors To examine the circumstances of all permanent exclusions and fixed term exclusions which involve interruptions to student examinations or exceed 5 days in any one term.  To keep an overview of the position regarding exclusions. Mr Derek Boden
Staff Appeal Not convened in at least 9 years   Vacancy
Staff Dismissal Not convened in at least 9 years   Mr Derek Boden




2018-2019 Full Governing Body Curriculum & Achievement AudiT & Finance Pay Staffing Pupil Discipline Complaints Admissions Pay Appeal Staff Appeal  Staff Dismissal
Number of Meetings 8 4 6 1 3 - 1 - - - -
Mrs Susan Allen * 8   6 1     1        
Mr Aiman Alzetani 5 2                  
Mrs Jacqueline Beckingham 4                    
Mrs Tracey Bevan 7       1            
Mr Derek Boden 8     1 3            
Mr Stephen Bowyer * 7 3                  
Mrs Elizabeth Challand 6 4     0   1        
Mrs Julie Crouch 8   6                
Mr David Francis 6                    
Mrs Amanda Hunter 6 4     2^            
Mr Andrew Parr 8                    
Mrs Louise Peaston 8   5                
Mrs Julie Pinnock 7 4                  
Dr Veronica Radford 7 4                  
Mr Timothy Ricketts 7   6 1     1        
Mrs Philippa Roberts 8 3                  
Mr Philip Sampson 6 3 4       1        
Miss Suzanne Whelan 8 4 6   3   1        
Mr Graham Yates 3~                    
* Governor resigned ~ Elected part way through year   ^Joined Committee late in year